2008-05-06 01:33:33 by DarkOnyx

I've heard many of you reviewers criticizing my tracks for not being "original", yea I've yeah are not fully mine from the bottom bcuz I've made Edits/extended Mixes not Remixes or Original Mixes, all I've to say is that plz before you review, find out if u know much info about music (like how u built it or how u mix it) before u make an review like "F*uck, this sucks really much, just some speed up and cutting, not original, 0points" xD

But one good news here is that I'm working on a real project now (like doing "Original" music in Fl Studio :P)

//DarkOnyx A.K.A. Trancemaster Onyx


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2008-05-10 12:34:56

Your music rocks no mmatter where its from!

DarkOnyx responds:

thank you^^


2008-05-12 17:29:45

I listened to the other 2 Phantom songs, and you have definatly innovated them very well. I believe yours is far much better than the others. Keep doing what it is your doing, because I need more songs to listen to :P

DarkOnyx responds:

thx, I'm woking on a release, but it will take some time and soon I've to go to a holiday and will be inactive in 1month T_T but I'll continue after ofc :)

PS: I just have one track named Phantoms ;P


2008-05-13 23:20:12

lol I meant your phantoms song is much better than the other 2 artisits phantoms songs. :P Of course I know you only made 1!

DarkOnyx responds:

aha, oki lol^^ and thx for that aswell :P