2008-05-31 03:02:46 by DarkOnyx

Will miss you all here in NG, I'm going on a vacantion for one month (30days) next week, so don't think I'm gone for ever, I'll be back and continuing my works :)

Have a good summer-holiday here in NG :P


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2008-06-01 17:18:48

Just make sure when you come back make an uber sick song!!! Better be really intense!!!

DarkOnyx responds:

I hope that too...^.^ Just wait and pray for the best :)


2008-06-07 07:31:30

Nice music man.

DarkOnyx responds:

thank you^^ hope u like it :)


2008-07-19 16:20:36

I like the song red gaia

DarkOnyx responds:

hehe, that's good :)