Entry #1


2007-11-17 12:28:04 by DarkOnyx

Finaly I've made my first release (my maxi-single: World of Dreams)!
it's the three tracks I've here that include and all are edit's by myself, just comment/review them as much as u want, I just wanna know that to improve for the next coming releases in the future^^

//DarkOnyx a.k.a. Trancemaster Onyx


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2007-12-04 11:32:09

More!!! Please.... I need MORE!!!
Reviewed all your stuff... they're just great! If you keep like that, you are going to my fav. list faster than any other guy!

P.S.: Could you review my stuff as well? I know they suck, but need feedback x.x

P.S.2: I'm adding you in the msn, ok?

DarkOnyx responds:

oki, sure^^ I'll review your stuff as well^^ and u can add me on msn too^^

and about your need for more tracks, I'll (sson but not very soon) release one new track for my new coming album^^


2008-01-16 15:08:29

Well, I've added you in my msn, hope you accept me, lol. I'm thinking in making a collab with someone, as I think I have experience enough, but still need to learn more. You are on the top of my list, but we need to talk it better.


DarkOnyx responds:

hehe, sure we can^^



2008-01-18 17:13:43

You like "^^", don't you?

(Updated ) DarkOnyx responds:

ofc I do^^ :)


2008-01-19 04:22:36

your name is wrong, it shouldn't be trancemaster onyx, but tranceGOD onyx. You're F*ing awesome.

DarkOnyx responds:

hehe, thx^^